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Pi Corp - Pi Corp [Rockadelic RR 41]

Pi Corp - Pi Corp
Released: 2001
500 pressed
/ inquireRRLP-41

Circa 1973-76 this Cleveland, Ohio outfit is one of the most amazing bands to ever grace our ears. These boys had enough equipment, drugs and talent to take their listeners on a journey through the hallucinogenic caverns of insanity, in the darkest recesses of ones mind. Imagine Pink Floyd or King Crimson without any of the UK pomp and circumstance! Imagine Krautrock if it had been invented by bad ass inner city biker types with visions into the next galaxy and beyond. Songs like The Dirge, Devil Weed, Together, LSD1, and Organ Over Easy put Pi Corp in a class of their own, as no other American band ever came close to sounding like these guys. World renowned synthesist and electronic music pioneer Alan Howarth, headed the band of renegade musicians from Cleveland. Howarths innovative sounds, combined with the powerful bass melodies of Guy Bickel, takes the band into regions few others have dared to venture. Add the haunting vocals of lead singer Woody Leffel, former front man for the well known band Granicus, and you will definitely find this band arriving at gate Z on the Cosmic Concourse.The band rarely played live and spent most of their time jamming and discovering new plateaus of sound. Whether youre into progressive, Psychedelic, Hard Rock or just pure freak-out, industrial strength musical madness, this LP is for you!! This project is bassist Guy Bickels labor of love as he designed all the artwork and poured his soul into making sure the music sounded as it should.

Glory - On The Air [Rockadelic RR 40]

Glory - On The Air
Released: 2001

Glory was probably San Diego’s longest-lived underground rock band. Formed in the late sixties, Glory played their brand of straight ahead, kick ass rock and roll until the early 80’s at which time guitarist Jerry Raney formed the prolific Beat Farmers. “On The Air” was recorded live in 1970 during a broadcast from the studios of San Diego’s “underground” radio station KPRI. The result is an “in your face” performance built around their amazing rhythm section and led by wailing guitars and incredibly powerful vocals. Great original tunes like “Morning Ride”, “Slow Back” and “Another Man Done Gone” shows that these boys were street wise and nail tough. They also do justice to classic rock tunes like Bo Diddley’s “Who Do You Love” which they transform into what sounds like an evil threat from a serial killer. Overall the LP is dark but energetic and shows why Glory earned their well deserved reputation as rock and roll mercenaries.Click Below to preview a song from the album: Another Man Done Gone


All Of Thus - All Of Thus [Rockadelic RR 11.5]

This garage band from New York released their one and only album on the Century-label (1966).
Here is the reissue (Rockadelic RRLP 11.5 / 1994). Expect a few clicks on this vinyl rip.

- It’s all right with me
- Bells of Rhymney
- Keep on running- Rely
- Kind of a dream- Walk on by
- Last night
- Uncharted voyage of thought processes
- She thinks she knows
- Just a little
- Artificial lies
- Bye bye baby

Sudden Death - Suddendy [Rockadelic RR 19]

A Led Zeppelin - inspired early hard rock, which was issued by Rockadelic in 1995 from previously unissued tapes from circa 1971 unreleased hard rock. The two exceptions are the opening track, My Time Is Over and Fugit Orchard, which are much mellower with some good laid back guitar moments.
(Fuzz,Acid And Flowers)
"Sudden Death" 1995 (Rockadelic 19) [600p]
Previously unreleased 1971 tapes of Long Island band on Led Zep bender, local hardrock with some pretty good tracks like "The zoo", operatic vocals and one of the best Rockadelic sleeves ever. [PL]

Sleepy John - Selftitled [Rockadelic RR 31]

Sleepy John - ST 1970 US
Ripped from Gear Fab GF205 CD (w/ 7 bonus tracks) 2004
The Washington State psych band's total recorded output of music between 1969-1970. Heavy swirling organ coupled with fuzzed out guitars!! Off the master tapes. Over 70 minutes in all. These guys played with the likes of Stone Garden and The Bards!!
"Sleepy John" 1999 (Rockadelic 38) [600p]
Haven't heard much buzz on this but clearly a worthwhile addition to the Rockadelic roster; crude early 1970s local NW basement hardrock with intense Hammond and fuzz excursions and a truly frantic drummer. Somewhat similar (though inferior) to neighbors Stone Garden but less Bay Area-influenced, delivering a dense wall of lo-fi blowouts plus some melodic/proggy ambitions on a track like "Seasons". Consistent, with agreeable songwriting, lots of riff hooks and clever breaks and an idiosynchratic vocalist a bonus. Should appeal to fans of Brigade. Gatefold cover with band story and pics. [PL]

Kath - Selftitled [Rockadelic RR 51]

"Kath" 2005 (Rockadelic 51) [+bonus tracks; no gatefold; 500p]

Obscure and quite impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on. The sound is a bit "Canadian" to me, with a few French language snips and a typical Maple Leaf sound with lots of keyboard and reverbed vocals, not unlike the best tracks on Rockadrome. As it turns out the band was actually from Maryland, though leader Val Rogolino was part-French. In any event, it's mostly originals with a few covers including a fuzzed-out cough syrup take on "Norwegian Wood" that could be the best version ever. The selfpenned material is good, with a 60s teenbeat sensibility rather than heavy/hard rock. At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day. At the same time there are obvious hints that this dates from a later era, and it was in fact recorded over a period of several months in 1974. Good fuzz throughout, charming amateur vocals, and a late-night rehearsal space ambience. "It doesn't mean" is a highpoint for me. There are also brief snips of aural experiments for the right $15 avantgarde touch. "Kath" appears to be a reference to the main guy's girlfriend. The band also had a non-LP EP from 1978 under the name Badge, with a more polished version of "It doesn't mean", and a 45 around the same time. The Rockadelic removes one track from the original, and adds a couple new ones. [PL]

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Joshua - Open Your Mind [Rockadelic RR 50]

Fish Eyed Lens - Selftitled [Rockadelic RR 5.5]

Dragonwyck - Dragonwyck [Rockadelic RR 4.5]

Bolder Damn - Mourning [Rockadelic RR 3.5]

B.F.Trike - Selftitled [Rockadelic RR 1.5]


ALAN JONES bs, vcls

AMIKE McGUYER gtr, vcls

ABOBBY STREHL drms, vcls A

NB: recorded 1971 but unissued originally. Rockadelic issue comes with insert. Also issued on CD (Rockadelic no#) 1997, and pirated on vinyl in Europe, 2000. Originally known as Hickory Wind with the same line-up, this trio went to Nashville early in 1971 and laid down tracks for a proposed RCA LP. It didn't happen. Eventually Rockadelic issued it - you'll need deep pockets for the limited vinyl version which disappeared all too quickly, so get the CD if this genre is to your tastes.Musically it's quite varied but right 'in' with the heavy rock/psych school of the time. Launched by the fuzz-psych rework of Time And Changes it continues with some brisk and catchy rockers, characterised by excellent not-too-heavy drumming that swings rather than just being solid or pedestrian. Fluid fuzzed leads (the outstanding Lovely Lady), the odd lighter moment (Sunshine), and an irresistible cool boogie-rocker Six O'Clock Sleeper, absolutely tailor-made for Z.Z.Top, provide contrast and demonstrate their versatility. With perhaps the exception of the sentiments in Be Free, it has stood the test of time remarkably well and Mike McGuyer is totally justified in standing proudly by it. A shame on you, RCA! Heartily recommended.

Track title

1. Time & Changes

2. For Sale Or Lease

3. Wait And See

4. Lovely Lady

5. Sunshine

6. Bench Of Wood

7. Three Piece Music

8. 6 O'Clock Sleeper

9. Magic Makin' Music Man

10. Be Free

Cold Sun - Dark Shadows [Rockadelic RR 2.5]


Cold Sun: Dark Shadows LP (1989, ed. of 300)...

unreleased 1969 Austin, TX psych

The Rockadelic Discography


RRLP-1.5...B.F. Trike: B.F. Trike LP (1988, ed. of 300)...unissued 1/71 Evansville, IN rock, ex-Hickory Wind
RRLP-2.5...Cold Sun: Dark Shadows LP (1989, ed. of 300)...unreleased 1969 Austin, TX psych
RRLP-3.5...Bolder Damn: Mourning LP (1990, ed. of 300; orig. Hit, 1971), FL heavy rock
RRLP-4.5...Dragonwyck: Dragonwyck LP (1990, ed. of 400; orig. test pressing, 1971), Cleveland psych
RRLP-4.5...Bag: Midnight Juice LP (1992, ed. of 400), Dallas underground psych
RRLP-5.5...Fish Eyed Lens: Fish Eyed Lens LP (1990, ed. of 500), neo-psych
RRLP-6.5...The Double Naught Spies: Goin' Nowhere with...The Double Naught Spies LP (1992, ed. of 500), New England neo-garage
RRLP-7.5...McDonald & Sherby: Catharsis LP (1992, ed. of 300; orig. 1974), MN prog rock
RRLP-8.5...The Burnin' Rain: Pictures in the Fire LP (1992, ed. of 500)
RRLP-9.5...The Survival: Le Onda de LP (1993, ed. of 500; orig. Discos Rex), Mexican heavy blues rock
RRLP-10.5...The Burning Rain: Sound Spectrum LP (1993)
RRLP-11.5...All of Thus: All of Thus LP (1993, ed. of 500; orig. Century, 27916, 1966), good Upstate NY teen garage
RRLP-12.5...The Stoned Circus: The Stoned Circus LP (1994, ed. of 500), unreleased MO 1971 psych
RRLP-13.5...Bulbous Creation: You Won't Remember Dying LP (1994, ed. of 500), unreleased 1970 hard blues rock
RRLP-14.5...The Underneath: Sun of '67 LP (1994, ed. of 500), Dallas neo-psych
RRLP-15.5...Raven: Back to Ohio Blues LP (1994, ed. of 500; orig. Owl), OH biker blues rock
RRLP-16...Kennelmus: Folkstone Prism LP (1995, ed. of 300; orig. 1971), Pheonix psych
RRLP-17...Estes Brothers: Transitions LP (1995, ed. of 500; orig. 1971), OH jams
RRLP-18...Jon Uzonyi's Peacepipe: Jon Uzonyi's Peacepipe LP (1995, ed. of 600)
RRLP-19...Sudden Death: Suddenly LP (1995, ed. of 600), unreleased hard rock
RRLP-20...Gold: Gold LP (1996, ed. of 600 or 750), unreleased 1969 San Francisco rock
RRLP-21...Sugar Cube Blues Band: Sugar Cube Blues Band LP (1996, ed. of 500), MS garage folk-psych
RRLP-22...Burnin' Rain: Ritual Medicine Show LP (1996, ed. of 600)
RRLP-23...Thunderduk: Thunderduk LP (1996, ed. of 750), unreleased 1972 OH hard rock prog
RRLP-25...Liquid Sound Company: Exploring LP (1997, ed. of 500), TX neo-psych
RRLP-26...Brain Police: San Diego 1968 LP (1997, ed. of 500), psych rock
RRLP-27...Thump Theater & Crank: Thump Theater & Crank LP (1997, ed. of 600)
RRLP-28...Mill Run Band: Pilot Meets Stars LP (1997, ed. of 500)
RRLP-29...Stone Garden: Stone Garden LP (1998, ed. of 500), Lewiston, ID hard rock
RRLP-30...The Volares: The Night We Taught Ourselves to Sing LP (1998, ed. of 500), Dallas mideast psych
RRLP-31/32...Framework: Skeleton 2LP (1994, ed. of 600), San Diego psych
RRLP-33...Seompi: Summer's Comin' on Heavy LP (1998, ed. of 600), unreleased TX hard rock
RRLP-35...Gravelpit: SnowGlobe LP (1998, ed. of 500), Portland, OR neo-psych
RRLP-36...Whitewood: Whitewood LP (1999, ed. of 600), '70s song-poem garage mess
RRLP-37...Fate: Sgt. Death LP (1999, ed. of 600), unreleased NYC 1970 psych
RRLP-38...Sleepy John: Sleepy John LP (1999, ed. of 600), unreleased 1970 Lewiston, ID hard rock
RRLP-39...San Francisco's Shiver: San Francisco's Shiver LP (2000, ed. of 600), unreleased 1972 Bangor, ME hard psych
RRLP-40...Glory: On the Air LP (2001, ed. of 600), unreleased 1970 San Diego rock
RRLP-41...Pi Corp: Lost in the Cosmic Void LP (2001, ed. of 500 or 1000), '70s Cleveland psych prog
RRLP-42...Born Again: Pagan LP (2002, ed. of 600), CA 69/70 psych
RRLP-46...Iota: Iota LP (2002, ed. of 500 or 600), unreleased El Paso psych
RRLP-47...Wailing Wall: Wailing Wall LP (2002, ed. of 600), El Paso rock
RRLP-48...Pig Newton & the Wizards from Kansas: Still in Kansas LP (2003, ed. of 600), unreleased 1969 psych
RRLP-49...Music: The Book of Music Volume 1 LP (2004, ed. of 300; orig. 1972), MI high school rock and folk
RRLP-50...Joshua: Open Your Mind LP (2004, ed. of 500)
RRLP-51...Kath: Kath LP (2006), 1975 garage psych LP
RRLP-[no #]...v/a: To Hell and Back Again LP (1993, ed. of 500)
RRLP-[no #]...J. Bone Cro: For Cryin Out Loud LP (1996, ed. of 300)